Your Answers to the September Question of the Month!

Welcome to this Credite Voices entry! Each month, we will ask a question and publish the responses we receive from Credo students, alumni, faculty, parents and extended community. We hope you enjoy these varied responses as much as we did.

In September, we asked….

What is your earliest musical memory?

“My dad loves to tell the story of how I was absolutely enraptured by Beethoven’s 6th Symphony at age 3. I sat on his lap while we listened through the symphony, and he explained the programme to me—the beautiful sunny day, the people gathering for a celebration, a violent thunderstorm rudely interrupting, and the people coming back together after the storm had subsided. It made a profound impression on me then, and it’s still my very favorite symphony ever. Who says small children can’t pay attention to one thing for a long time?”

-Tim Crouch, Credo ‘11-’14

“My preschool hosted an outdoor concert by local folk singer Sarah Pirtle.
Normally a very reserved child, I danced in front of the stage. By myself.”

-Jessica Corwin, friend of Credo and Blog contributor

“Practicing while my parakeet was sitting on top of my viola.
Sometimes he would even perch on the tip of my bow.”

-Claire Peyrebrune, Credo ‘13, ‘14

“Hearing my mom sing “You Are My Sunshine” while I was going to sleep.”

-Helen Peyrebrune, Credo ‘09

“Sitting on the floor in front of the record player listening to Julia Child and the Boston Pops play Tubby the Tuba. I’m sure that I wore that record out before I was old enough to go to school.”

-John, friend of Credo and Blog contributor

“My earliest musical memory is sitting in my brother’s room, watching him practice with my parents helping him and thinking I wanted to be just like him when I grow up. I wanted to play the viola.”

-Anonymous, Credo ‘13, ’14

“I had just started the cello and was showing off my instrument to some family friends.  One of the younger children said, “That’s a big violin!”  I remember getting very upset and defensive.  Even at the age of five, my sense of instrument justice was honed to a sharp edge.  No, it was not a big violin.  It was a cello.”

-Julia Wen, friend of Credo and Blog contributor

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