Your Answers to the October Question of the Month!

October’s Question of the Month drew some surprising answers! Read below to see how some of our community members chose their respective primary instruments (or had them chosen for them).

“Actually my viola teacher chose for me…”

-Claire Peyrebrune, Credo ’13 ’14

“As a very small-handed and small-fingered woman, I was probably more suited for a upper string instrument like the violin vs the cello. However, at the age of four, music had chosen me the same way God chose the cello for me. Too many upper strings in Waco’s Central Texas String Academy landed me as the the only female cellist and my life passion”

-Katie M, Prelude Gloria ’14

“I didn’t, my mom did.  But, it all worked out in the end.”

-Julia, Friend of Credo

“My mom chose the cello for me when I was three years old. Her cousin Jake plays the cello and she was always in awe of the gorgeous sound coming from his instrument. He inspired my mom to chose the cello for me. Before I was even born, she knew I would be a cellist. Her cousin Jake is now my private teacher! Cello is, and always will be, my passion.”

-Kendra, Credo Chicago ’14

Stay tuned next week for the November Question of the Month!

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