Share the Gift

What is Share the Gift (STG)?

Credo encourages its musicians to “make a difference” in their home communities throughout the year. Our musicians perform concerts in churches, hospitals, and prisons, and also share their time in other non-musical service projects.

Credo encourages area business and the friends and relatives of these musicians to support these young people as they share of themselves. Share the Gift enables students to raise support toward not only their tuition, but other students as well.

Half of the support raised by a student goes directly towards their tuition, while the other half goes in the scholarship fund to help another student attend Credo.

Who Participates

Anyone can participate in STG. Students, alumni of Credo, and new Credo students alike have all participated in projects.

Get into the fun and giving spirit of Credo even before you attend the camp. Do you think one person can change the world? So do we! But together we can do even more!

In 2004, about 15 students participated and they raised over $10,000 to help Credo meet the financial needs of talented students. Every little bit helps. While some students have earned their entire tuition through the STG program, even a “small” fundraiser helps send you and a new friend to Credo!

Results of STG

  • For you: A sense of accomplishment in organizing and finishing a concert or service activity AND a fun way to contribute to the cost of attending Credo.
  • For your donors: The joy of being a part of something great – you and Credo
  • For your community: a concert, food for the needy, a clean homeless shelter: The possibilities are endless!
  • For Credo students: Financial aid, so everyone can come to Credo.

Previous Projects

Erica Zappia (violist and pianist) threw a Valentine’s Day special request night. After picking out show tunes, baking cookies, and sending out red invitations, all Erica had to do was wait for her friends and family to come!

Here’s what Erica had to say about her STG experience: “Participating in the Share the Gift program was extremely rewarding. Seeing the smiling faces of friends and family, the emotions, and most of all music surrounding me made the experience all the more enjoyable. Raising $800 for a worthy organization such as Credo provided me a great experience that I’ll never forget!”

Bridget Pasker Many of us are getting ready for college auditions or big recitals. Bridget Pasker was busy practicing for the ASTA competition in her Iowa home and decided to get pledges for a practice marathon for Credo. The project paid off handsomely for Bridget! She raised money for the Credo scholarship pool, got in lots of practice, and was able to win the state ASTA solo competition!

How can I share the gift?

  1. Come up with a “fundraising” project
    • Practice marathon (have friends/family members pledge cents or dollars per hour!)
    • “Benefit concert” in your church or home
    • Musical soiree: prepare 20 or so popular tunes and play them as “requests” for pledges
    • Outreach concerts (in nursing homes, libraries, etc): Gather pledges from friends and family for each concert you play.
    • Create your own idea and share it with us!
  2. Solicit pledges from family and friends.
  3. Collect your monetary pledges.

Important information to tell our donors:

  1. One half of all donations will be tax deductible
  2. Make all checks out to “SMI-Credo”
  3. Name and contact information from people who donated money

What do I do with the collected donations?

Send all materials (forms, checks, notes) to the Credo office (65 East College St., Ste. 7, Oberlin, OH 44074). All donations must be forwarded to Credo by May 1, 2014 in order to be counted toward Credo 2014 tuition.

Things to remember:

  • Sending cash in the mail is unsafe. If you collect cash donations, please have your parents send a check (with “STG cash donations” in the memo).
  • Keep track of your donors, so we can send them a thank you note for their generosity.
  • If you do something like a church concert for donations, and you can’t really keep track of the donors, let us know where you held your event. We will send a note of thanks to your church or other organization for hosting your project.
  • Use this downloadable form to create a receipt for your donors. Or, for donors under $50, their cancelled check can be a receipt. Donors over $50 will get a letter from Credo.
  • In order for us to credit your STG money, send us the names and addresses of your donors so that they can get on the Credo newsletter mailing list.

STG is not all about raising money

Organize a group of your friends to do something worthwhile to benefit your community, and tell them about why you’re doing it: because God loves you and He (and the folks at Credo) like it when you give back to others! We will credit your account $50 for up to two events you organize/participate in. Just get someone “official” to write us a quick note about what you did.

Let’s say that you were going to do a STG concert anyway. Why not have your dress rehearsal at a nursing home and get $50 towards your tuition? Other ideas include cleaning a homeless shelter, raking and mowing an elderly person’s yard, or volunteering to clean up your local park.