Frequently Asked Questions

What is Credo New England’s minimum performance level?

Credo New England is open to any player who would benefit from the environment of intensive chamber music instruction. Students will be placed in chamber music ensembles with others of similar age and ability, from Suzuki book 4 to the highest pre-professional level. Many Credo students sit at or near the front of their youth orchestra sections, and others are solid players with good intonation and rhythm. Students are admitted to Credo New England based on finding suitable chamber music partners – thus compatibility with other applicants is more of a deciding factor than absolute talent/achievement.

Is financial aid available in Credo New England?

An extremely limited financial aid budget will assist students with demonstrated financial need to attend the program.

Where do Credo New England students come from?

This is the first year of Prelude Boston; however in 2014, Prelude Chicago students hailed from over a dozen states, from the eastern seaboard to Texas. Credo programs have hosted students from 43 states and a dozen foreign countries.

Is Credo New England a ‘church camp’?

No. Credo New England is a music program of high-level study and performance. Credo programs use faith and service elements to enrich and deepen the student’s commitment to excellence and appreciation of the special power of music.

Are all faiths welcome at Credo programs?

YES! Credo (Latin for, “I believe”) is a place for development and strengthening of faith. The required morning sing is led from a non-denominational Christian perspective by faculty (Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Mennonite). At Credo, students from (nearly) all Christian denominations and several non-Christian faiths have grown together by discovering their common beliefs and respectfully discussing differences.

How is musical growth fostered?

Students engage in musical growth through chamber groups, master classes, large ensembles, and private lessons. They have the opportunity to study with outstanding faculty from high profile schools and orchestras all over the greater Boston area.

What faculty will be teaching me?

Students have the opportunity to work with several members of the faculty as their coaches throughout the program. Credo New England’s exciting faculty is headed by Peter Slowik, of the Oberlin Conservatory, and includes numerous prominent Boston musicians.