Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Credo Flute students come from?

Last year, students came from 10 states, from early high school age, up to graduate students at the nation’s finest conservatories.

Is Credo Flute a ‘church camp’?

No. Credo Flute is a program of high-level flute study and performance. Credo programs use faith and service elements to enrich and deepen the student’s commitment to excellence and appreciation of the special power of music.

Are all faiths welcome at Credo Flute Program?

YES! Credo (Latin for, “I believe”) is a place for development and strengthening of faith. The required morning sing is led from a non-denominational Christian perspective by faculty (Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Mennonite). At Credo, students from (nearly) all Christian denominations and several non-Christian faiths have grown together by discovering their common beliefs and respectfully discussing differences.

Who do I contact with questions about the Credo Flute program?

Contact Credo Flute Director Jennie Brown at