Credo is a community of leaders in the classical music world dedicated to combining high-level musical training with Christian mentorship and the opportunity for outreach and service to others. Credo presents a variety of programming, from our flagship three-week chamber music program in Oberlin to a variety of regional activities across the country.

Credo’s commitment to developing the next generation of musical leaders in the context of integrated music study, service, and faith empowers its students to be more winsome and productive members of their communities, their musical ensembles, and their families.

For 2017 Credo will present 4 programs, all based on the principles outlined at the bottom of this page. (Develop, Acknowledge, Respond)   Click the links below to find the program for you: Advanced String students…

Reset Your Thinking about Concert Marketing

After spending thousands of hours at Oberlin developing her musicianship; writer, illustrator, musician (and former student of PSlo) Alexandria Lawrence realized that such work alone wasn’t enough to draw audiences to her concerts. Alexandria still had to learn about marketing herself and marketing her work, while she worked for a concrete contractor herself. Luckily for us she shares some of the success stories, specifically the results achieved by our students. An example of which you’ll learn about shortly, is a concrete patio contractor